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Funding is an Art

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Welcome to our blog!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

9:18 PM

Hello, I am Yvette Stephens, CEO & Founder of Centaurian Commercial Capital. I am a veteran in the lending industry with over 30 years of experience (WOW! Time flies when you're doing what you love!) I have assisted 1000's of clients obtain the financing they seek in various capacities throughout my career. As a real estate investor and business owner myself , I have learned is that each that each client has different needs and each one is unique.

Centaurian Commercial Capital is committed to providing our clients with quality service. We utilize our long standing relationships with our premier lending partners to obtain the best solutions for our clients.

Our specialty is commercial real estate financing-private money, business purpose real estate, new construction, multi-family, Rehab (Fix & Flip) Non-Qm and a variety of other financing vehicles for the real estate investor.

I expanded our lending products and relationships to include all types of business. This was in response to the fact that a large number of our real estate clients were owners of other businesses in need of capital. Our clients need not have a split personality :) and have their transactions at different lenders. They can enjoy seamless, efficient and service oriented process to access the capital they need.

I believe that what sets us apart is:

*We are able to provide our commercial clients with more lending options than they think are normally available.

*We believe that Business owners need to be informed of the myriad of financing solutions available to them. We will save you time and money when you look for financing your business.

*When you work with us you hire a professional dedicated to providing you with the best available solutions we have for your real estate projects and businesses.

*Our clients do not get stuck with one lender, this can limit your options and waste valuable time.

*We provide immediate cash and short term funding options

*In most cases we can provide responses quickly

Whether you call us first, last or in the middle of obtaining financing, you will feel comfortable with someone who can offer you some serious knowledge regarding your quest for funding.

Funding is an art, and I have mastered the art.

If you have a real estate project or a business in need of funding, give me a call at

(909) 294-4615 so we can discuss your options. If we are unavailable, make sure to leave a message so that we know you called, or you can send an email to: We looking forward to assisting you.

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